Sprinter S. Light frameless shower from Sprinz for a cool bathroom

LED fixtures in the bathroom are not anything new. But these frameless shower enclosures from Sprinz are appealing to me. Sprinter S.Light shower enclosures by Sprinz are ready to make your bathroom shine in a completely new light. The Sprinter enclosures, created to perfectly fit on Element LED shower bases, are made out of safety glass with 26 15mm LED lights embedded on each side creating a magnificent night-sky-like effect. They are available in a variety of different versions and can be combined with many different shower bases. The ball is in your court to choose the one that suits your tastes, décor, and wallet too.

So if you want to give your bath area a complete new look then the luxurious combination of glass, chrome and white light of this shower enclosure line is just what you can settle for. I’m sure you wouldn’t regret!