SunShower solar heater makes for the perfect outdoor shower

Cost-saving and power saving are two clichéd buzzwords these days, that hasn’t received as much momentum as they should. But we’ve got some serious thinkers who’ve put in enough time and money to master the art of ultimate power harnessing. Summers are in and one thing you’d want to do most is legally soaking the sun. What better way to do that than the SunShower, home equipment that can provide a regular flow of solar-heated water when you decide to take a quick shower outdoors.

The best part is the fact that each SunShower can be custom built from scratch to suit your overall home design and taste. The materials used in constructing the equipment are weatherproof and claim to withstand the severity of outdoor use and extended exposure to the harsh sun. There isn’t any info on the pricing yet, but one can pretty much expect this customizable asset to cost a bomb.

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