Swarovski Crystal Sinks by Linkasink

Well, the title of this write-up may have a couple of tongue twisters but you can have my word that when it comes to some really cool luxury sinks, you need to look no further. These cool sinks are studded with Swarovski crystals and are dressed in a royal porcelain coat. It took a little inspiration from his wife Toby, for Kirk Guthrie (who owns the Linkasink) to come with the concept of crystal-coated porcelain items. The crystals come in a number of colors including pink, black, blue, turquoise, and some sort of a prism of colors called aurora borealis. If the crystals aren’t of the appealing kind to you then you can always settle for the pearls.

Depending on the design of the Swarovski Crystal Sinks that you have selected, you will have to spend anything between $1,900 and $12,200.