Swarovski Crystal Tiles from AlfaLux Ceramiche for more sparkling homes

If you’ve got Swarovski encrusted on almost all your gadgets, some clothes, watches and more stuff, then you will definitely want to bring some of its glitter your bathroom or kitchen walls too with this Swarovski Crystal Tile from AlfaLux Ceramiche! Literally dubbed as the Glitter range, these crystallized tiles will offer ultimate luxury for your most special room. You can opt from a range of brilliant options as these luxury decorative tiles are available in many formats, colors, surfaces and textures. Exquisite Swarovski Crystals are set into the tiles, and the look can be further enhanced with a texture replicating beads of water on the surface of the tiles. Glitter Gloss or Glitter Matt tiles come in six gorgeous hues, with the further possibility of delicate floral designs, which complement the range perfectly.

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A must for those who care for finesse and luxury in the smallest aspects of life, these fascinating tiles show the true beauty of crystal.