Swarovski Dazzling Daydream – The Ultimate bathing luxury

The Dazzling Daydream is a triumphant collaboration between two renowned and celebrated companies, Swarovski, the principal brand that specializes in cut crystal, and Kludi, the company that has dedicated itself to the theme of water in bathrooms. The Swarovski bathroom endows with a whole new perspective of a bathroom, that of a luxury motive. It presents a total architectural concept that goes far beyond furnishing a functional space and presenting it in a rhythmic dimension. Dubbed passion employs the luxurious materials of Granite, Crystal, Ceramic, Glass, Chrome whereas the second bathroom type, Delight is translucent and dazzling in Limestone, Crystal, Glass, Chrome, and Wood.

The Dazzling Daydream amalgamates opulence and style in the most desirable form to create the ultimate bathing experience. Hence, the price takes a higher end for providing this asset, so the pricing starts at US $85,064(60,000Euros).