Tahi Satinjet shower system helps you save energy

If you are looking to pamper yourself then a luxurious bathroom is just what you need. And the perfect bathroom to match your lavish lifestyle is the Tahi Satinjet by Methven -luxurious water and energy-saving shower system, which is among the participants at this year’s Australian International Design Awards. The contemporary design and amazing energy-saving technology add to the beauty and class of this exquisite shower system. The user is provided with an amazing waterfall-like experience (3,000 droplets of water per second) as he showers thanks to angular twinjets. The drencher head emits a waterfall of droplets, blanketing the user, but consuming the only 9L of water per minute.

The hand, dual spray function shower also provides the revolutionary water saving Twinjet performance with added flexibility, using only 9L per minute. The interface is integrated into the wall, and allows for thermostatic control of temperature and individual flow control for the separate components. This amazing shower panel not only promises to save energy thereby protecting the environment but also pampers you with a shower experience like never before.

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