Testa Fratelli’s Hyperwave tiles capture the waves on the walls

The Tiles from Testa Fratelli are bestowed with features that no common tiles would ever dream of having. The new collection comes embossed with undulating waves, verily the blend of art and function in its best form. The waves look so realistic and 3-dimensional due to their use of CAD/CAM technology. There are the very modern and contemporary Hyper-wave stone panels for the bathroom, which come in a choice of 6 patterns, namely Breeze, Dunes, Moon, Tide, Flower, and Stream.

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The naturally inspired collection comes with a “Spazzolato patina to” brush coating, making them very pleasant to touch. Hence, this collection is recommended, particularly for all kinds of intimate settings such as Jacuzzi and shower. The Hyperwave designs come in both marble and granite.

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