The first musical wash basin-WET X-Light surround basin

No matter how strange it sounds, the most music-afflicted area in our house is the washroom, where are all, boring activities take place. The Italian company, WET recognizes this phenomenon to create and present, X-Light surround basin, which is the first ‘musical’ basin. Made from transparent, light-diffusing acrylic polymer, it measures 142*38 cm. The X-Light surround basin is integrated with a built-in amplified speaker system for MP3 or Portable CD-Player. Nevertheless, I am intrigued by the functionality of this basin and fascinated to know how WET manages not to wet its speakers.

The X-Light surround basin is designed by Jan Puylaert and is shown here with the WET’s new king faucet. Also, check out the world’s first multimedia basin from WET.