The Optical Illusion Waterfall Centerpiece

Looking at the waves crashing on the shore, or the waterfall down a mountainside can have such a soothing effect on your mind. The Optical Illusion Waterfall Centerpiece is a must-have if you are one of those water babies that let the effects of water mesmerize you. A tabletop fountain, it creates an illusion of water cascading down both sides of the rippled glass abyss. Since you can see the waterfall from both the sides, it makes the ideal table centerpiece for your living room. It works with an internal pump that lets you adjust the flow of water from a soothing rhythm to an accelerated stream. The slanted reservoir guides water into the base, preventing water splashing all around. To create a colorful and magical effect the waterfall comes with a five-watt halogen bulb with four interchangeable colored lenses (amber, green, clear, and indigo) that illuminate the cascading water.

The frame of the Optical Illusion Waterfall Centerpiece is made from durable stainless steel and is powder-coated black onyx. It costs $300.

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