The Sieste gives you an invigorating bath

The Sieste bathtub is designed to stimulate all the user’s senses and relaxes him to a pleasurable trance. It soothes you with different color schemes, each coming with the amazing intensity of depth and strength. Your auditory senses will be pleased by the spatial distribution of sound and water, making the water ripple uniquely. Also, your olfactory nerve endings will be thoroughly stimulated through the thrusters and fragrances.

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Your skin is enhanced and remains healthy as the water is enriched with algae, minerals, vitamins and many other nutrients. Light and sound effects are delivered through the RGB LED’s and the loudspeakers, as also the Pebbles which help in an accupressural way. Enhances with all these features, the Sieste Bathtub easily becomes the most favorite bathtub to be owned in every household.

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