The Thalassor Baleina Whirlpool bath tub for a luxurious bathing experience.

One place in the house where you can really relax and be yourself is a bathtub. And if the bathtub isn’t satisfactory, then it won’t even help to release your stress. So to do justice to your bathing experience you’ve got to buy the right tub with the best of features. The Baleina Whirlpool tub has a soft organic design is constructed in such a manner that it sweeps up to a point above the water from which the water cascades dramatically into the tub. The Baleina whirlpool tub offers spa luxuries in the form of array of Hydrojets, chemotherapy system and massage jets in the console of your home.

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You could choose the right shade of color from the 512 colors offered for this bathtub.