The THG Mossi Collection with crystals for luxurious bathrooms

For those who were unimpressed by the classy line of bathroom fixtures and suites from Lineatre, maybe the exquisite range of bathroom fixtures from THG might please your luxury-loving senses. THG’s new range titled the Mossi Collection includes a showerhead, shower valve, faucet, and decorative toiletries. The beautiful and elegant range features a modern, linear design that is sprinkled with Lalique’s crystal spheres. A collection that celebrates the union of fine metals and crystal (with the fluid lines and dewdrop-shaped crystal pearls), it is simply breathtaking. Truly a splurge-worthy collection, it is sure to complement your luxurious lifestyle. The elegant collection is available in two versions: Mossi Cristal Clair in clear Lalique crystal and Mossi Cristal Soleil in sun crystal. Customers can also choose their type of finish from polished chrome or luxe brass.

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The pricing for the sparkling Mossi Collection starts at $10,740. Besides the Mossi Collection, THG also has another elegant range, the Duomo Collection, featuring bathroom fixtures that pair crystal with a beautiful gold under lacing.