The Utopia Steam Sauna for the ultimate spa treatment at home

I’m not much of a spa kind of a person so to sell me one of these home sauna systems is quite tough. But I must admit when I came across The Utopia Steam Sauna, I was impressed. It offers both steam and sauna treatments. Comprising of two separate cubicles, it offers the best of both the worlds. Place them attached together or keep them separately, you can work out the dynamics considering the space available to your disposal. The sauna cubicle has a Sauna Temperature Gauge to accurately monitor the level of heat throughout your sauna session. The electric sauna stove heats a pile of rocks to high temperatures before the water that is splashed on the stones. A cool feature is the sand timer, to make sure you don’t end up toasting yourself. In the steam shower cubicle, you have the overhead shower with 6″ rose/ rain forest shower, for a total rainfall experience. To complete the hydrotherapy it has the 2 upper body, 4 middle body, and 2 lower body jets. These Sequential hydro massage jets have adjustable pressure that brings just the right touch to relieve aches and pains. The whole setup can be controlled with the digital control panel with remote control. Other features include the foot massager, Aromatherapy outlet, Fluorescent overhead lights. But the icing on the cake is the music connectivity.

The Utopia Steam Sauna can connect to iPod, MP3 player, CD player or any other external device. You can even connect your phone to the enclosure. You can tune into your fav radio station via the tuner. To keep the cubicles circulated with fresh air, the extractor fan is quite helpful. It is available for £3495 ($6860).

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