The Vichy Shower Table with jets, massage gun and fiber lights promises a luxurious experience

I am a sluggish person. So anything that reduces work or requires minimal effort is a favorite with me. That is why I have fallen in love with the Vichy Shower Table. Specially designed to minimize effort and pamper the lazy souls, this system is definitely amazing. This beautiful shower allows you to lie down (because standing up in a shower is just too much effort) and enjoy a massage while having a rainfall of warm water streaming down upon you. So say goodbye to standing up in the shower and enjoy and relax as you lie down and bathe in complete luxury. Manufactured with resilient acrylic reinforced with fiberglass and resin, the Vichy Shower Table includes a stainless steel shelf, wooden cabinet, cushioned headrest, and stainless steel jets. With exquisite features like 10 adjustable shower jets, 38 fiber lights, a water massage gun, heater, and a radio and CD player, this shower system is definitely unique.

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Priced at a whopping $7000 it is available at

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