The Waterbeam faucets

The Waterbeam faucets are unique and have therapeutic uses. The astonishing light effects are ideal for your bathroom or spa arrangements. The colors from the faucets exude warmth and peace. An ideal combination of color therapy with water makes this technology truly distinctive. The technology is integrated into a high-quality faucet made in Germany. What’s more, you can upgrade your existing faucets to a Waterbeam. Available in four different colors, each color has a specific purpose. Blue is the color of heaven and water, it has a calming effect and can help combat insomnia and fear, and it influences the heart and neural. Orange is the color of sun and light, it affects the attitude of life and banishes melancholy. It influences the neural, stomach, and intestines. Green is the color of nature and trees; it has a regenerating and calming effect and influences bronchia, lungs, joints, and head. Red is the color of fire and blood; it activates sleepy and tired people. It creates a warm and positive environment and purifies the space. It influences the blood vessels.

The Waterbeam comes with a two-year warranty and is available with Cascadia.

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