ThermaSol’s Easy Start Control allows quick steaming from outside the shower

Steam sessions are always a delight at the end of a tiresome day. But they’re not so much fun when you have to go all the way into the shower to program your steam session. But with the ThermaSol Steam shower, users can now program their steam sessions from outside of the shower with the aid of ThermaSol’s Easy Start Control. You could be 50 feet away from the steam generator’s location and still be steaming some hot water. You could have one or two user settings, and the Easy Start Control works with either the Signature or Temp Touch steam shower. The Easy Start Control is available in 14 designer finishes wherein the user could match it with a traditional or contemporary edge spa style.

ThermaSol Steam showers start for $1,099 for the whole set up, and the prices differ according to the size of the shower and the choice of the base package. The Easy Start Control is an add-on item that costs anything between $325-$395, depending on the finish chosen.

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