This exotic holiday villa in Dubai comes with a $ 1m bathtub

Dubai, over the years has built a reputation for being the one stop shop for all things luxurious and out ragingly opulent. Apart from uber-plush shopping complexes and malls, the emirate is also home to some of the most top-notch residences, luxury hotels and homes. And very recently, another real estate giant is pepping to develop a multi-million-dollar project in Dubai’s revered Palm Jumeriah that will literally make your eyes pop out in admiration!

We are talking about the XXII Carat resort that is currently under the process of building 22 ultra-expensive villas, each of which come with private access to the beach, private pool and exquisite Italian floors. But what exactly sets these classy villas apart is a $1 million bathtub (fitted in each), that will make you feel like royalty in every right! These supremely luxurious bathtubs are created by Italian specialist Baldi as part of their “Jewels for home” collection and are made using huge reserves of precious stone sourced all the way from the Brazilian Amazon. They are then painstakingly cut by hand in the middle east and carved to perfection, before being fitted into the villas.

Alongside the opulent bathtubs, the resort will also feature bath designs made from rose quartz and green quartz, with gold and gemstone works. Some villas will further showcase a bathtub carved from a 10-ton Amazonian rock crystal, in a design that was recently sold for $1, 000,000 alone! Each of the Villas at XXII Carat resort cost anywhere between £8.5million and £19 million and are targeted for sale within the HNWI (High Net Worth Individuals) club. Time you think of saving up every buck for the club’s membership, eh?

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