This illuminated showerhead adds an artistic touch to your bathroom

You can’t have a luxurious bathroom without some eye-catching accessories and the new Axor LampShower is nothing short of a scene stealer. Created by Japanese design studio, Nendo, the LampShower is equal parts art installation and practical showerhead. As the name suggests, it’s a hybrid between a shower and a lamp giving the appearance of a ball of light trapped in a cage.

axor-lampshower-nendo_wall-chrome-nightNendo Chief Designer Oki Sato wanted to create something that was unique and never seen before. “Neither a lamp nor a shower, it is a hybrid,” he said of the Lampshower. Philippe Grohe, Head of Axor went on to add, “The natural blending of light and water gives the bathroom a cozier feel, and, by doing so, it contributes significantly towards decreasing the pace of our increasingly hectic lives.”

axor_lampshower-nendo_1The sleek chrome finished LampShower is available in both wall-mounted ($2,835) and ceiling-mounted ($2,260) versions. It’s already won hearts and honors in Europe including the Interior Innovation and Red Dot awards and is now available in the USA too. You can take a closer look at Axor NYC, Axor’s design studio in Manhattan.



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