Top 5 luxury toilets you would love to go to!

I am sure everyone loves their homes as much as I do, every nook and corner. But if we actually look around, there are certain areas that have been ignored ever since they became a part of your heavenly abode. To be more precise, we mean your toilets. They do look pre-historic don’t they? Don’t fear and fret, here are 5 contemporary, cool-looking, luxury toilets, some with matching bidets. Take your pick!
1.Chromeosome Toilet:
Its blaring orange in this, but that can be changed, so you shouldn’t scream to see this at no.1. Jemal Wright Bath Designs has created a process for adding dyes to chrome, so if this translucent orange is a bit much for your taste, the Chromeosome toilet can be made to match any colour! The toilet base is porcelain coated with Chromeosome. And yes those are Swarovski crystals on the push-button flush.

2.The Imperial Toilet:
As the name suggests, the Imperial toilet is every bit imperial. Feel like a king even in the most unlikeliest of places. The Imperial toilet is fit for a king or queen in china and hand-painted 24K leaf gold. A custom one-piece toilet from AquAvanti. Rules at no.2
3.Julien BenchToilet:
At first your guest would have to struggle finding a toilet and that’s a real fun thing and a great way to make an impact. Designed by Troy Adams for Julien, Inc., the Bench Toilet is a brilliant way to hide a toilet and use it as a bench or shelf or seat. The BenchToilet won the DPHA Innovative New Plumbing Product of the Year Award in 2007. So its an award winner you are going to be bringing home that is ranked at position no.3.
4.Duravic Stark X Toilet and Bidet:
Another toilet that you gotta search for. The Stark X toilet by Duravic is a self contained toilet and seat. When the seat is closed the toilet is totally hidden. A matching bidet is also available with the seat, an unusual feature for a bidet even in contemporary styles. I think it looks so cool and concealed I would mind having it in my kitchen!
5.Vaso a Terro Toilet:
At no. 5, the Vaso a Terro Toilet surely makes as good a statement as the above mentioned toilets if not better. All ceramic, by Italian tile maker, Master Ceramiche, the toilet and bidet come in several colors, including bronze, ebony, even purple! See at Lavabo.
You now have not one but 5 amazing places to ‘go’ to. LOL!

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