Toto Hybrid Ecology System -World’s first bowl-cleaning system that draws on two sources of water!

Toto introduces the Neorest AH type, an environmentally friendly tankless toilet. By incorporating the advanced Hybrid Ecology System and Washlet feature, Toto has actualized a truly clean and comfortable toilet. The Toto Hybrid Ecology System is the world’s first bowl-cleaning system that draws on two sources of water: a tank inside the toilet and the outside water supply. While old-style tank-type toilets require 13 litres per flush, Hybrid Ecology System uses just 5.5 litres.

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A feature built into the toilet seat that uses warm water and gentle warm-air drying to wash and dry the user’s bottom after use. The seat is heated for extra comfort. Toto will showcase the Neorest AH type environmentally friendly tankless toilet during the Japanese Design 2008 Innovation to be held in Milano from April16-20 2008.

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