Touch-Control faucet by Vicario Armando

Touch is our most neglected sense. We are always touching something and being touched in return, but we seldom think about it. However, designers are now creating novel objects that engage more playfully with the touch senses. Keeping up, Vicario Armando presents a bold primal Touch-Control faucet that lights up the bathroom. The simple solid shape of the Touchme faucet gives a sense of primitive strength. A cool blue light illuminates the touch-control panel. With a light touch, the water ebbs and flows. A small switch adjusts the water temperature. The strong lines of the Touchme faucet accentuate the traditionally modernized twist.

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Available from Vicario Armando, the Touchme faucet renders light, water and technology to the forefront of faucet design. These days the bathroom is being promoted as a ‘futuristic’ and relaxing space and such new innovative fittings can achieve this, alongside traditional values as well.