Water Birthing Vessel; pamper your wife when she is in labor

Give your wife the ultimate experience of luxury when she is labor. Yes the uncomfortable and sometimes-dreaded moment can now be changed into a beautiful soothing experience. Thanks to the all–new Water Birth Vessel. It welcomes your baby in the most luxurious and comfortable way. It is designed to give comfort to the mother to be no matter which labor position she chooses to apply. Not only will she receive relaxing hydrotherapy, the mom to be will enjoy various features especially designed to meet her needs. The features include spacious birth areas, a height adjustable birthing seat, raised seat for wading, attachable sidebars for pulling and swing-out grab bar for pushing.

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The Water Birthing Vessel also comes with an attachable seat for a companion, an angled wall with heel support, and programmable massage jets for the back, flat surfaces to put the thighs on and complete slip resistant flooring. Along with safety and comfort the designers have added a waterfall simulation for entertainment. The vessel comes with subtle underwater lighting to help birth attendants to monitor the mom to be. The best part is, the vessel comes with a customizable tub shell band and step stool to match any birthing room motif. So from now on all you moms to be can relax and look forward to getting pampered when you are in labor.

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