XL Shower from Zucchetti for extra fun bathtime

Boast of the XL size with ease! Right in to your bathroom, you can get this extra-large sized shower head from Zucchetti and indulge in a true rain-like experience. Being 50 cm in diameter, it packs as many as 400 nozzles! With so many individual nozzles the effect of the shower will be absolutely versatile and outstanding. Moreover different spray effects can be created with the same flow rate to suit your mood. A hard, central jet can pummel those sore muscles, or all jets can be used at once to give the soothing effect of a shower of rain. The attractive head can be installed flat on the ceiling or suspended with cables, and is available in a chrome or satin finish.

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Still lost about its price tag, at least I can tell you that you can opt from prefer the standard version or the version with central LED light and two finishes of chrome or satin.