Yin-Yang bathtub soaks the two of you

The Japanese bathtubs are becoming quite popular in the US mainly due to the depth of the bathtubs and the earthy feel that it provides while you take a dip. But this one is quite a wonder in itself with the bathtub being divided into two halves to accommodate two people at once. The stainless steel bathtub from Diamond spas features two separate soaking compartments with benches at the bottom that allow bathers to face each other while washing themselves. Since it’s a Japanese one, it is deeper than the standard U.S bathing tub, so you could immerse most of your body with privacy and personal space. Though it’s not my cup of tea, it might appeal to those who like the earthy design and the concept of bathing in the same tub with two compartments.

The best price for the Yin-Yang bathtub is available at the National Pet Pharmacy for $135.