Yoko Suite bathroom fittings blends eastern design with contemporary style

A lavish bathroom is a common sight in every luxury home these days. Here is the perfect range of bathroom fittings to give your bathroom an edge over other luxury bathrooms. THG has unveiled its Yoko suite’s contemporary bathroom designs that will surely appeal to your luxury-loving senses. Inspired by the Japanese bath, this stunning design merges Eastern tranquility with modern features. Every fitting exudes an aura of exquisiteness, be it the Cristal de Lalique Bambou faucet with a carved bamboo pattern and matte finished handles or the slender tub filler that anchors the faucet. But the tub is the crowning jewel of this range. The Yoko tub lined in leather completes the unique look of this lavish Yoko Suite. The tub’s texture perfectly complements the metallic interior of the Vasque sink. Hammered in chrome, the basin appears as a rippled pool. A truly luxurious bathing range, the shower set features two rainfall showerheads.

A beautiful union of the East and West, the price of the bath set is $22,211; shower system $9,075 while the sink set costs $2,095.

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