20th Anniversary Sony PS4, covered in Swarovski Crystals sells on ebay for $3000

It seems like the latest trend of the decade is to “bling up” up our technology in sometimes the most fabulous way possible; with diamonds, gold or crystal. The Sony Playstation has undergone these changes as well and I shall always wonder why anyone would dress up a gaming console with Gold or some such outlandish material when special edition gaming-related options would make more sense. But one can’t quell the need for the wealthy or hardcore gamers to own expensive and exclusive items of all kinds.

20th-anniversary-ps4-2Now here’s someone who owned a rare limited edition 20th Anniversary PlayStation 4 (one of the 12,300 units made) and decided to put up on sale on eBay… after customizing it gold Swarovski crystals! The going price for this “special-special” edition console is $3000 (£1999). This is not the first time a PS has undergone this kind of treatment – back in 2008 a PS3 was customized with Swarovski crystals and sold for a whopping $140,000. In 2009 a 24K Gold Plated PS3 Slim sold for $5000. And most recently, to mark their 20th anniversary, Sony sold a special edition PS4 (No. 00001 of a limited edition series) that auctioned for $129,000; the proceeds were donated to charity.

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So Sony’s consoles have been bling-ed to death and it won’t stop the next generation from doing it again. As for the recently showcased PS4, the seller had this to say – “It’s STUNNING to look at, very sleek and would be an amazing show piece as well as a usable and totally functional console unit for anyone looking for a completely unique piece of PlayStation history or an amazing gift!”

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[Via – Eurogamer]