+336+ SMS Mirror is too sexy for your wall

“ Mirror, Mirror upon the wall, tell me who’s the fairest of all? ” Could you answer that question asked by Snow White’s stepmom? Well, to be honest, the mirror himself is the fairest of all! Surpassing all fairy tales told long ago, the mirror suddenly turns so futuristic that it takes us by our breathing. The +336+ designed by Robert Stadler is a mirror able to receive SMS messages sent from a mobile phone. The messages appear in radiant text running on the surface of the mirror when one gets close to the mirror. It might turn out to be a freaky thing on your wall. Imagine, you’re doing your hair, when suddenly an SMS message crops up on the mirror surface, “Come to the Barber’s shop sharp at 7, if you try to escape, you will have to face delirious circumstances.”

The SMS mirror retails for $10,000.

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