40 feet PC display, What will you do with it?

People actually have giant personal computers. I mean, I’m aware that there are many nerds and PC enthusiasts out there, but this is a whole new level of nerdom. Ok, I guess it isn’t that bad, I’m just bitter because I only have this puny little laptop screen. A Kotaku reader installs these massive PC’s for a living and he sent in a photo of his latest handy work at a government organization. This enviable ensemble includes twenty-seven 67 inch HD monitors. Wow, just wow. It is 40 feet wide and 15 feet tall. Think of all those movies and shows you could enjoy it. He chose to run World of Warcraft and Bioshock on it. Both are awesome games and his taste must be appreciated. I bet it must have been some kickass fun to try these games on the mammoth display. What would you do if you have a giant PC set up?

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