5 Common Mistakes When Buying a Smart Home Security Camera (And How to Avoid Them)

Did you buy a smart home security camera just because you saw how nifty it was on an ad? Before you have it shipped, we’ll help you decide if it’s really the one that you need or not.

We always tend to be impulsive on shopping, especially when faced with witty ads and when sales people make us feel that we really need their products.
The realization of our shopping mistakes will just dawn on us, sometimes early (just after we swiped our credit cards) or sometimes too late, like months after we discovered the thing under a pile of more things that we don’t use.

When it comes to smart home shopping, the home security camera is one of the staples that people buy first. You should really be careful which to pick since a lot of them can be really be expensive. We don’t want you to feel awful after spending a couple hundred dollars.

Here are the mistakes that you should avoid when buying your first smart home security camera.

1.Not knowing what to exactly do with them
Alright, you feel the need to own a security camera, but you’re not exactly sure why. Uh-oh.
The first thing that you should figure out is why you need a camera. Do you want one to keep an eye on your living room? Do you want to deter burglars? Is it your pet or your baby that you want to keep an eye on?
Smart cameras are specialized. Outdoor cameras are weatherproof and some come with wires, some don’t. There are pet-focused ones that come with laser toys. Baby monitors, on the other hand, often come with extra features like a night light and cry detection.
Answer this first so you’ll know the type of smart camera that you should research.

2.Forgetting to consider their existing smart home devices
Home automation is usually the goal. You can only do this if you have a set of compatible smart home devices. The same is true for your camera. Cameras usually come compatible with existing eco-systems, but not all of them.
It’s smart to build on smart home systems that you already own. So if you have an Amazon Echo, Google Home, Wink Hub, SmartThing Hub, Securifi Almond, you should research which cameras are easily compatible so you can centralize control.

3.Not caring about the installation part
Okay, so you finally found the specific camera that you need and you know that it will work with your other smart home devices at home. Before you go straight to checkout, you should quickly check out the installation options.
Most are easy to install or sync, but how about the wiring part? If you’re planning to DIY it and you bought a complicated one, then you might be forced to hire an electrician or consult a smart home expert. Amazon offers free consultation on some of their smart home items. Be sure you know what you’re getting yourself into before you buy.

4.Failing to check if your Wi-Fi can support it
Here’s another area which needs checking, your Wi-Fi strength and range. If, for instance, you’re planning to install an outdoor security system and it turns out that your Wi-Fi connection is so weak in that area, you will need to make sure you have adequate coverage.
Sometimes this is as simple as buying a cheap Wi-Fi repeater or range extender to reach your camera. If you live in a multi-level or very large house, you may want to consider a mesh-router with smart options.

5.Double check subscription plans that come with them
Here’s another important item that you need to check before you buy. Your security camera footage will be needing a space of storage. Some come with a memory card slot for local backup. Some camera systems come with cloud storage and most are not free. You may need to pay a subscription fee each month for that. If you’re technically inclined, you can buy a local network attached storage for videos, but that option is only available with some cameras.

Make sure you feel comfortable with the storage option that your chosen camera works best in before you commit yourself.

Security cameras are worth investing in, but you should know which will really work for you and fulfill your needs. After these tips, it should be easy for you to figure out which of the best security cameras is the one that’s right for you.

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