8-Bit Mushroom PC case for Super Mario lovers

So you like a little bit of nerdy zing to your desk? Here’s a Super Mushroom case for all you hungry PC gamers and everything-8-bit-lovers. These large cases sit pretty on your desk or even the floor. It is an entire combination pack with PC setup + windows installation and driver setup. You even have an option of using your current PC setup and the guy from Etsy would work with you to decide what PC components you’d like to put together in your toy. So if you happen to have any other kinky ideas in your head about a character, enemy or item, just drop them a message and they’ll get started with your cool new project!

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As for the 8-Bit Mushroom PC case, it costs a whopping $1,600 and also make sure you keep a guesstimate of $200.
[Available at Etsy via OhGizmo]