A $2500 CD player from Technics for the audiophile of the Internet age

Sleek and somewhat expensive is never a rarity in the world of audio entertainment. The same goes with the Technics Ottava SC500 that offers a combination of a CD player, amplifier and amazing wireless speakers. Some would hail this contraption as a great blend between the classic CD player and a modern, wirelessly connected home entertainment setup. Others would simply look at the price, frown and turn away.

For the former, there is good news though. The Ottava SC500 brings with it quite the assemblage of features to make it worth the buck. The main unit is the amplifier that comes with Jitter Elimination and Noise-shaping Optimization (JENO) and Load Adaptive Phase Calibration among other less confusing audio jargon to justify its credibility as a mean sound machine. The sound delivered through the speakers around the amp’s flank is clear and very refined with good volume and depth. They however, aren’t for those who seek ribcage-shattering bass music.
All in all, the SC500 is a great CD player with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi support, something that is hard to come by these days and even if it does, there’s very little minimalism and sleekness in the design to follow. You can now lean back in your massage chair, grab the remote and lose yourself to some good easy listening music at an equivalent of a little under $2,500.

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