A bespoke iPad Air 2 clad in ebony, carbon and leather

German company Brinell specializes in enhancing the quality for leading electronics by adding a special touch of brilliance to them. The company has successfully refined a number of leading electronic products to make them more acceptable the niche audiences as well as to give them a facelift you couldn’t even imagine.

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Their most recent muse has been the iPad Air 2. In addition to the rich texture that has been added by adding new materials in the existing built, the company has also made wireless charging a great convenience. The first, as it has since 2009, has now developed a better product that can bring out the finesse and individuality of the most desirable tablet out there. The special touches given to the iPad Air 2 from Brinell include Macassar wood, soft nappa leather and a carbon fiber look and feel.

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“With the variations in our different materials and colors, we allow users to tune the incredible technology of the iPad to their own individual style,” said Michael Föhrenbach, Founder and Managing Director of the firm.

The innovative Qi wireless charging technology makes the entire affair a wire-free one. All you need to do is place it on the designated charging station where it is held in place by a magnetic charging port. The key features of the iPad 2 are the iOS 9 operating system, 16 to 128 GB memory options and a 2048 x 1536 pixels retina resolution.
The 16 GB Wi-Fi model begins the line from $1,666.

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