A diamond encrusted black iPhone 7 that costs $500,000

So when exactly is a normal black iPhone 7 not stylish enough? Well, never, for you and me, but there are always those who want to stand out from the rest. Even it means getting blinged versions of the most popular handsets out there. There exists a host of companies who will take your humble iPhone and dip it in gold, or encrust it with diamonds or even both. One of them is Gresso and its latest creation is the iPhone 7 Black Diamond collection. The body of each of the three phones has been recrafted in high-quality titanium while the back has been studded with 1450 black diamonds totaling 102 carats. The special touch has been added to the logo and the camera frame as well which are now crafted in 18k gold. Last but not least the phones come with a pair of black AirPods that are studded with black diamonds(30 to be precise).

If half a million dollars seem a bit far fetched then the company has an affordable option. A $2,500 iPhone case made from titanium that features gold inlays. The list of things and experiences that can be done with $500,000 but should still find a reason that justifies spending that kind of money on a cell phone then head over to their website.

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[ Via : Phonearena ]

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