A mink fur iPhone customization that everyone can do without

When it comes to luxurious smartphone customizations, most companies like to dress up devices in precious metals like gold or rose gold. However a Russian company called caviar has switched things up by introducing a series of customizations of the iPhone 8 that comprise the second part of their collection called “The Property of Russia”. While the collection includes materials like volcanic lava and even meteorite stone, the piece that caught our eye was the mink fur model.

The mink fur “black diamond” phone uses luxurious, silky mink fur that the company says is embodiment of the original wealth of Russia. Apart from the tactile fur, the phone features gold details including a small plaque engraved with the words Hymn of Russia and a gold plated Russian Coat of Arms.

Do wealthy smartphone owners want their phone to look like a pet gerbil? Because only that would explain the inexplicable need to own a fur covered phone. Russia is cold, we know, but your phone does not need a mink fur coat! Incidentally, Caviar is a pretty patriotic company since they have also created a phone featuring a likeness of Vladmir Putin in the past. The Russia collusion allegations that are rippling through American politics make us view this Donald Trump inspired iPhone 7 in a whole new light!

[Available at:Caviar-Phone]

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