A Neat Freak’s dream: Dyson’s new $400 vacuum cleaner uses lasers to detect dust off the floors

If you love spic and span spaces and could go to any lengths to keep it clean – Dyson’s newest vacuum cleaner is your deal! The cordless gadget is top in the class and uses lasers to show you where the filth actually sits!

Called the V15 Detect, it features a unique dust detection system (with a green laser on the cleaner head aimed at a 1.5-degree angle) that practically illuminates the dust on surfaces. It’s five-stage filtration captures 99.99% of dust particles, down to 0.3 microns, and helps users create “the best contrast between dust and floor”.

The device also features an LCD that showcases different modes and the gadget’s battery life and other information. It furthers comes with a new acoustic piezo sensor that monitors the vacuum’s air intake (to determine the size and quantity of the dirt being cleaned up) and increases suction power automatically when cleaning massive dust.

The supremely cool Dyson V15 Detect packs in 230 air watts of power and three new vacuum heads (in addition to the standard ones) for better cleaning. It is currently available online on the brand’s official website for $699. Clean freaks – what are you waiting for?

[Via: Stuff]

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