A rose gold iPhone X may be coming soon

If little birdies are to be believed, Apple is all set to launch a brand-new version of the iPhone X. Catering specially to those with a rose gold fetish, the novel variant will come in a luxe pinkish avatar with a launch date in the nearest future.

The new color version is being released to combat low sales of the iPhone X, which is currently available in plain janes hues of silver and space gray. The news of the rumored launch was first broken out by Japanese tech blog Mac Otakara, a source that is often trusted for information by tech users. However, it was Apple leak recipient Ben Geskin who re-confirmed and almost sealed the news as true by tweeting an image the phone’s rose gold version, with a caption that read – “in production.”

Owing to its heavy price tag, the iPhone X is anticipated to have lost out on revenue. And that’s probably why company is roping in tactics like these to plummet sales. In similar news, Apple is also expected to release a new version of the MacBook Air laptop as well as another lower-cost version of the iPad. For now, though, we cannot wait to see the new iPhone X with a novel blush of rose gold on it!


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