A stroke of technology can process a photograph into a Picasso

We have always been believers that technology can achieve absolutely anything! Well this one is sure to leave you flabbergasted! A unique algorithm masterminded by a team of German researchers can convert any photograph into a work of fine art. Although the highly technical process may consume an hour, the results have us quite startled. We would recommend against experimenting as the math we hear, is quite complicated.

Well, let’s dish out the deets. The complex algorithms process object recognition to help it rebuild photographs in the style of specific artists. Let’s term this more easily, the network treats the art style of a source image as a “texture,” and filters the target image through several layers of computational units to create a representation of it that agrees with the features of the original art.

Of course, the content and style duo have to be well balanced and curated to ensure the optimal output. Indeed, the machines capability is limited to copying an existing style. Well, isn’t that great to hear!

[Via – Engadget]

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