A toothbrush that works with a smartphone? Behold Oral B’s Smartbrush

Our lives are quickly being taken over by “smart” gadgets, but one that couldn’t get here fast enough is Oral B’s Genius toothbrush. The Smart toothbrush debuted at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on Monday and features “position detection technology” that syncs up with a dedicated app on your smartphone to tell you exactly how well you’re cleaning your teeth.

All you have to do is open the app, turn on your phone’s front facing camera and brush away. Sensors in the brush will detect what area of the mouth is being cleaned and the app will tell you exactly how long you should be brushing each zone of your mouth for.

Those aren’t the only bells and whistles here though, Oral B is taking the opportunity to parent with other companies which means you could be listening to your favorite tracks on Spotify or reading headlines via the Association Press while you brush.

The app will also encourage better dental hygiene since you’ll be brushing longer and prevent users from being too hard on their teeth thanks to pressure sensors. Oral B’s Genius brush will hit the market sometime in July and will be priced at $200.

[ Via : Businessinsider ]

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