Gresso Grand Monaco red alligator skin cell phone for women

Cell phones are everybody’s lifeline today. And since you will carry one everywhere you go, why not make it chic and classy? And it’s even better if your phone can match your clothes. Gresso, the Swiss mobile phone makers, are out with a limited edition luxury phone collection for women called the Grand Monaco cell phones. Crafted in red alligator skin, this stylish new phone comes with a titanium alloy covered high-tech ceramic casing. The dial pad keys are made out of steel, and the surface is starch-proof and damage resistant.

For $2,800, the phone functionalities include WAP, GPRS, Bluetooth, SMS, MMS, email, EGDE, Java and a personal organizer. For once it is fair to mention that Gresso has rolled out an affordable version unlike the former high-priced Gresso Lady Diamond, Lady Gold and Ultramarine Gold.

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