A crazy 70 inch waterproof LCD TV

Now we’re talking! After Aquavision’s 57 inch release of a waterproof TV I was left wondering. Will this not fall short for those with overgrown garages where some haunchos would like to host drive in movies in the rain? So here’s a slightly larger 70 inch display screen by MarineAV that has all the makings of a classic entertainment window for you and your priceless friends. It’s called the LCD70 and supports resolutions of 1080p and a contrast ration of 1,500:1. Other specs read as a 600 cd/m2 brightness, a response time of 8 ms and a viewing angle of 178 degrees. It has S-Video, component, HDMI, VGA and AV inputs. I guess this satisfies my quest as I settle in appreciation for the 70inch waterproof LCD.

The MarineAV LCD70 costs £27,996 (~55,500). Happy viewing, wetting, whatever!

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