A customized Minarik Lotus Double-Neck Guitar

Music and dance go hand in hand, right? At least that’s what the guitar maker M.E. Minarik’s new design tries to portray, I guess. This time his wild design revolves about an east-meets-west theme on a stunning lysergic double-neck guitar, a new version of this classic Lotus themed guitar. Made with a quilted maple top on a mahogany base, the gold Tone Perfect pickups really stand out, giving a Gibson-style sound to the instrument. Exclusivity is flaunted with the mother-of-pearl binding, the fretboard inlays, and carved figures of Hindu gods and goddesses. A Standard, Chinese-built Minarik Lotus model, is priced at around $500 each. If you want it customized like this U.S.-built double-neck version, for instance, you will have to shell out $3,500 or more!

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