A first generation iPad prototype is up on eBay for $10,000

Sellers of Apple prototypes always have a looming fear of Apple trying to shut them down and taking back the device. It’s easy to sell a rare Apple Macintosh 128k prototype on eBay, but selling a 1st Generation iPad prototype in 16GB version with 2 dock ports wasn’t going to be easy for a seller on eBay. He wasn’t going to reveal any details about where he lives or what he does for a living for fear of Apple tracking him down. The man purchased the iPad prototype from a co-worker and said that he doesn’t know how the co-worker came to possess the prototype. When contacted by a team from Wired, he stated that there were chances that the prototype was stolen from Apple. The iPad was bricked when purchased from his co-worker, but he went ahead and repaired a few parts, failing to repair the touch screen.

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Nevertheless, these shortcomings did not deter the attention that the new technology received at the auction, and the seller managed to do away with it for $10,200. The seller, who had also previously sold another Apple prototype, hasn’t been contacted by Apple yet but suspects it won’t be a happy call. With the handsome sale proceeds, he’s planning to buy himself a brand new iPhone 5 or new MacBook Pro, so eventually, it’ll return to Apple. He probably thinks the smart answer is going to shut them up, but I really doubt that!

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