A Gold Ingot styled 4GB USB stick for a bling-loving geek

UBB drives needn’t be plain and boring. If you are an opulence loving geek then you should be looking and adding bling mainly to your portable devices. And if you want to own a gold bar that actually is useful to your everyday activities, then the Gold Ingot USB thumb drive is just the thing you need! Measuring 26mm wide, 82 mm high and 11mm on depth, the 4GB USB flash drive sports a wooden body with a Japanese bigleaf magnolia goldleaf wrap. It is said to be a high-quality gold leaf that is crafted in Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture, which accounts for 99% of the gold leaf manufacturing in the nation.

Made by order only, these $186 gold-bar styled pen drives are said to be “permanently in pre-order,” and you cannot cancel orders. Moreover, it comes with a one-year hardware warranty, which means that you get covered for the USB solid-state drive, not the gold leaf body outside.

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