A rare 1970s Fisheye Lens worth $160,000 is up for grabs

Every time I think of the fisheye lens, I am reminded of the Bearnaked Ladies music video for the song “It’s all been done!” But as an amateur photographer, it’s not a lens I crave to keep in my kit. But if you enjoy crazy effects on your picture through your camera then a proof-of-concept lens from a 1970 trade show described as “see behind itself”, is up for grabs. The Fisheye-Nikkor 6mm f/2.8 was a part of the Photokina trade show at Cologne, Germany in 1970. It is 7-inches long, and 10 inches in diameter, weighs over 11 pounds and offers a picture angle of 220º.

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Used for technical applications such as architectural shots, the rare lens sports a $160,000 price tag and is available at Grays of Westminster in London, UK.