A winemaker called the WinePod

Father’s day is around the corner and you could just buy this for your dad if you are rich or even better if you have a rich daddy who will lend give you money to buy him a gift! Introducing the WinePod. This is a very expensive kit that allows the user to become their own winemaker producing 48 bottles of wine every 30 days. The device is 4 feet tall and takes up 4 feet of space. It has a variety of sensors that keep tabs on the fermentation process inside the WinePod and wirelessly connect to software called WineCoach to help users monitor the fermentation process and to help correct problems.

To use the WinePod requires wine grade grapes and users can order those directly from the WinePod maker. Currently available grapes include Cabernet Sauvignon grapes from Rancho Sarco and Napa River Ranch in Napa Valley, Pinot Noir from Sangiacomo Vineyard, and Syrah from Annadel vineyard in Sonoma Valley. The WinePod alone costs $4499, add in a bottling kit and other accessories and the system runs $5999, roll in a 30L French oak barrel and you need $6349.