Acadalus: A $5000 self-leveling tripod head

The task of adjusting the tripod stand to the desired camera level can sometimes turn irritating and frustrating. Tired of fiddling with his tripod, Dr. Carl Koch spent four years designing a tripod-related woes solution. His solution is the Acadalus, a self-leveling tripod head. This amazing high-tech Acadalus saves you the trouble of adjusting the various knobs and levers on the stand. The Acadalus is modeled on an airplane flight-simulator and features an inclinometer that measures just where the head is and then uses stepper-motors to acquire a level-plane. All you need to do is pop the camera onto the Acadalus and wait a couple of seconds. You can make further adjustments manually by using the D-pad like buttons on the side. The genius self-leveling tripod head can be used in the studio plugged into the mains or hook up the 2800 mAH 18.5 V lithium-ion battery that should last you for a day of shooting.

The high-tech creation is, however, not affordable to all. The Acadalus boasts of a $5000 price tag. If you wish to buy the battery and charger, you must shell out an additional $500. If you need both the power cable and the battery option, you can add another $100. What is more, the pricey camera supports pricey cameras like the Leica S2.

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