Acapella unveils expensive High Violoncello II speaker

The CES has something for everyone. Even music buffs were left impressed when Germany’s Acapella unveiled the $80,500/pair High Violoncello II speakers at this expo. Unlike ordinary speakers that boast of silk or metal composite, the High Violoncello II has a mass-less ion tweeter. The ion tweeter uses a high-voltage pulsating arc that is modulated by the musical signal to create sound. Acapella claims the upper limits of this tweeter is 40 kHz. A small ceramic tube and a bronze horn act as a catalyst prohibiting the small of ozone from getting out into the room. What is more, this speaker is also alleged to be extremely efficient by Acapella as it requires amplifiers of only 15 amps.

What is more, the horn is available in a variety of automotive paint colors. With such amazing features along with a promise of great performance, these speakers are sure to be anything but disappointing.

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