Active filters, ventilation and embedded mics and amplifiers – Is this the most intelligent face mask ever created?

The world needs good face masks. We aren’t talking about the designer, crystal-encrusted, or bandana style face masks that are more fashionable than functional but an out-and-out savior on the face! Project Hazel is a concept mask that uses an N95 medical-grade respirator system combined with active ventilators and a bacterial filtration system to keep 95 percent of airborne dangers at bay. The transparent materials grant the mask a glossy outside shell made of waterproof and scratch-resistant recycled plastic, allowing for lip-reading and seeing facial cues when you chat with people. This helps the wearer and makes life easier for people while eliminating the need to remove your mask to interact and articulate. Project Hazel comes with an ultraviolet sterilization system that also charges the hi-tech mask. Nothing will be left unsaid or unclear as the VoiceAmp Technology comes with a built-in microphone and speaker system to help you be understood when wearing the mask. The RGB compliant Razer Chroma light rings around the ventilators, making it possible for users to add their own personal style and indicate charge status.

Despite the tech that constitutes this face mask, it is incredibly comfortable to wear silicone around the edges for an airtight seal and adjustable ear loops. It’s a sturdy piece this one to endure daily wear and tear. The technologically advanced Razor face mask is waterproof; the scratch-resistant mask is as tough as it is sustainable. Do you think project Hazel should become more than a concept someday?

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[Via: CNET]

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