Acutus Reference turntable — the $24,000 record player is the ultimate in Anolog Playback

The best gets better claims the Acutus Reference turntable record player. This is because Acutus Reference, one of the world’s very best turntables has taken its performance to a whole new level. The company guarantees your records have never sounded this good before as they have upgraded from an older model with a new power supply and better suspension. The platter alone weighs 22 pounds and was completely rebuilt to minimize vibration and noise.

The folks at Acutus Reference recommend you to spend time with this true work of art, but at your own risk as they are worried you might not be able to work the next day. The real story here is this power supply. The difference it makes in the reproduction of instruments and voices is truly astonishing. You can get this turnable by digging deep in your pocket for $24000.