Alexandria XLF Loudspeakers worth $200,000 debut in Europe

The Alexandria XLF speakers are back in the market by Dave Wilson, founder of Wilson Audio. The huge structure that resembles a supercomputer from the 1960s is man-sized, measuring 178cm (70-inches) tall and weighing a massive 297 kilos (655 pounds) is a perfect fit for the gadget-lover who loves everything bulky and space is no problem. The size and weight come from two woofers- one 13 inches and one 15-inch, two 7-inch midrange drivers, a 1-inch tweeter as well, as a 1-inch super tweeter. The speakers include a Cross Load Firing Port, wherein either a forward or rear-firing bass port can be selected to tune the speakers to the environment.

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The Alexandria XLF speakers are made to order, so audiophiles have the freedom of choosing the color that matches their home decor. The speakers are certainly not humbly priced at $200,000 a pair. They’ve seen their European debut this week, while US has already seen its presence since early March.

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